Vedic Chanting

The Vedas are the oldest known repository of ancient Indian wisdom. They are a vast treasure trove of knowledge and insight believed to have been revealed to the Rishis, or ancient seers, in a deeply connected state. The Vedas are presented in the form of musical, Sanskrit poetry and passed down from teacher to student through an oral tradition called adhyayanam (a journey to the inner self). Vedic chants transcend the boundaries of ordinary consciousness to help us connect with the infinite cosmic mind.

Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas, is a vibratory language. Ancient yogis considered sound (vibration) to be a fundamental element of the universe, believing that everything in manifestation is literally constructed of sound. Each thing possesses its own unique qualities created by resonant vibration. Through Vedic Chant and mantra, we are able to access and integrate these qualities into our own system, profoundly affecting all dimensions of our lives.

Vedic chanting

Benefits of Vedic Chanting

The practice of Vedic chanting helps settle and heal the nervous system.  It increases our ability to direct the mind and supports all parts of our system to work together. Some of the additional benefits include

  • improving mental focus,
  • supporting memory,
  • improving listening and communication skills,
  • helping one find their voice,
  • improving breathing capacity,
  • reducing mental and emotional agitation,
  • energizing the system.

Chant with Annie

The best way to begin is to connect with a teacher who can listen and guide you through the rules and which chants might be most appropriate for you. Chanting in a group can be supportive and build confidence, especially for the novice.

Call and response (adhyayanam) is at the heart of learning Vedic chant. This time-honored method of instruction explores listening closely as the teacher chants, and then repeating it in exactly the same way. Accuracy and adherence to the six rules of Vedic chanting ensure the vibratory meaning and energetics are both experienced and preserved.

Annie teaches one-to-one and small group Vedic Chanting in person and online via Zoom. She is also available for in-person workshops.