Yoga Therapy

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a specialized form of yoga in which a therapist works in partnership with the student to develop a customized practice that enhances your well-being and targets specific health concerns. The therapist assesses your needs and objectives and creates a practice composed of various individualized yoga techniques to meet your unique requirements.

Some tools that may be used include

  • exercises/postures
  • breathing
  • sound
  • gestures
  • visualization
  • guided self-inquiry
  • meditation
  • More

A personalized practice can be designed in an infinite number of ways.  Each practice is always non-invasive, progresses over time, and complements both allopathic and alternative healing modalities.

Yoga Therapy can help

Yoga therapy can make you feel better in many ways. It uses the tools of yoga to help your body, mind, and emotions. It’s personalized to you and your needs, so it will feel comfortable and easy to do every day.

Yoga therapy can help you with things like pain, anxiety, and sadness. It can also change the way you think about your health issues.

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How Do I Begin?

Yoga Therapy

If you are new to our work together, let’s start by getting to know each other with a free Discovery Session.  These usually last 15 to 20 minutes.  This is a great time to share you situation.  I am available to answer any questions you have that might help you decide if yoga therapy is right for you.

You may also reach me by using my e-mail contact form to set a phone appointment. 

A discovery session lasts for 15-20 minutes. Here, you can briefly tell me about your situation and ask me any questions to help you decide whether yoga therapy is suitable for you.

What Can I Expect?

After our first discovery call, we’ll have a 90-minute first session where we will get to know each other and your situation. During this session, you will also start practicing. We recommend having a follow-up in a week to refine your practice based on your feedback and our observations.

The number of future appointments you have will depend on your needs and progression, and typically, they range from one week to a month apart. New students usually come 4-6 times over three months and then schedule appointments based on their needs. Long-term students come several times a year, and out-of-town students usually see me once or twice per year.

Professional Standards

Yoga therapy requires specialized training and skill development to support the relationship between the student and therapist and to effect positive change for the individual. The yoga therapist is a certified yoga teacher who has undergone extensive additional training offered by a yoga therapy school.

As a certified yoga therapist and a professional member of the International Association for Yoga Therapists, Annie Jones c-iayt has completed 1000’s of hours of training, to exceed certification requirements.  Please see the link below for more information about the professional standards of yoga therapy.